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“Women of the Rancho” calls you to embark on a transformative adventure at Alisal Ranch, a carefully curated wellness horse-centered retreat nestled in the heart of California.  Surrounded by the serene beauty of nature, like-minded women, and the healing energy of horses, this women’s retreat with horses promises to light up your heart and ignite a positive transformation.

Are you ready to:

  • Embrace a powerful transformation that starts with your personal wellness goals, a horse of your own for four riding days, time to relax and rest, and each night culminates in dressing in boots and bling cowgirl style for cocktails and dinner with new friends?
  • Have a horseback riding retreat with your best girlfriend, sister, mom, or a group of girlfriends who want a girls’ riding adventure together? Or is it time for you to take a solo trip to Alisal Ranch to experience a retreat that offers everything you want, including luxury accommodations, gourmet meals, trail riding in nature, gentle morning yoga, and some downtime?
  • Explore your wellness habits, make a new connection with a horse and nature, improve your horsemanship skills, and put some space between you and screen time, politics, raising a family or work?

If your answer is YES, join us at this exclusive women’s wellness retreat!  Duke Health Coach Janet Solie has created a special program that harnesses the unique charm of Alisal Ranch, its renowned horseback riding program, and warm hospitality with a touch of luxury.

women on a trail ride through the beautiful Alisal Ranch during their women's retreat with horse

Leading with our hearts is the key to happiness. Training our hearts by using positive emotions consistently releases chemicals supporting healing and wellness in the brain.

During the retreat, we will use our Leading with the Heart workshop and short meditations to tap into the practice of using our hearts first.

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A Women’s Retreat with Lots of Healing Horse Time

No prior riding experience is required at our women’s retreat with horses. You will be paired with a horse tailored to your needs, and to deepen the connection with these magnificent creatures, you’ll spend valuable time bonding with your horse on the ground before saddling up. Once you are saddled up, you’ll spend plenty of time in the saddle exploring Alisal Ranch’s 10,500 acres.

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a woman bonding with her horse during the women's retreat at Alisal Ranch
one of the rooms for the women to stay in during the retreat at Alisal Ranch

Alisal Ranch: an Ideal Location for Our Women’s Retreat with Horses

Alisal Ranch stands as a beacon of tranquility and charm in the heart of California, offering a retreat experience like no other. Nestled in the picturesque landscape, this unique haven boasts a rich blend of Western hospitality and luxury. Guests at Alisal Ranch are treated to an exclusive escape, where rustic elegance meets modern comfort. With its sprawling acres of stunning countryside, the ranch provides an idyllic backdrop for horseback riding adventures, scenic hikes, and serene moments of reflection.

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